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I found the bed I wanted online, on sale, however I decided to go to my local branch to order as I was hoping to see one on display (which it wasn't unfortunately). I waited around for quite a while for a sales assistant to take my order, I felt like they ignored me as being a girl in my early 20s, they probably didn't expect me to buy anything or spend much.
When I finally got assistance to order, I had to explain the item's specification to the assistant (for example, she asked what colour I wanted, it only comes in one colour).
She quoted me a 3-5 week delivery time, despite their website stating within 4 weeks, but I agreed as I explained I had the 5th week off work already so that would be ideal. I was assured I would be contacted to discuss the delivery, which I paid £39 for due to my order being in their higher value bracket.
At the end of week 6, I emailed FV to ask where my order was as it was late and I'd had no contact from them at all. The manager rang me back promptly within the hour, and apologised saying he would contact the warehouse and find out, then call me the next day. He didn't. I left it 3 days then called to be told he was not working. The assistant told me she could get my delivery to me 4 days later on Thursday (the end of week 7). I explained that this was not convenient, as I had discussed with the manager before. I was told to sort it myself with the delivery company when they called me, a call I am expecting this week.
I am now expected to take unpaid time off work to accept their 3-week late delivery, and I will also have to unassemble and move my old bed myself (as I said, I am a girl in my 20s and I'm not great at DIY or lifting).
To top it all off, I had a call from my parents which is my previous address (which they took for credit check purposes) to say FV have left 2 incomplete voicemails on their phone - I don't live there, I only have a mobile and I don't know how they got the number or why they feel the need to ring it!!
Wish I had read these awful reviews on here before stepping into FV instead of just being sucked in by a great bed offer. Fingers crossed it gets delivered at some point, with all the parts, undamaged and assembled correctly. May be too much to ask.
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    Reply from Furniture Village

    We are very sorry to hear this, it must be very frustrating for you.

    We would like to speak to you further about this. Can you give us some further details such as your order number, or the store you purchased from, or if you prefer contact our customer services department on 0845 521 9704 and we will do our best to help you.
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