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They do not even deserve one star

My experience with this company has been absolutely shocking.
I ordered a bed and a mattress with the latter available for 14 day delivery. I moved into my own place which obviously was unfurnished and FV failed to deliver the mattress after 14 days as they called me on the day of scheduled delivery (which was also moving day) just to tell me they are not going to make it. They seemed perfectly fine with it and it seemed this happens all the time to them. So, I was left without anything to sleep on on my first night at the new place.

The bed was delivered on 21 September but the delivery men could not assemble it because there were parts missing. They took a photo and took and incident report. FV told me (after chasing up of course) they had to order the missing parts from the manufacturer. It took them three weeks to send anything and they really sent the wrong parts. That was three weeks ago and nothing has happened since. I chased them up last week and was told the warehouse will contact me to arrange assembly but I am still waiting. Six weeks after delivery. I have received a disgusting standard of service from this company it is sickening. Is FV even aware that they are in breach of contract? I will take further action on this and advise everyone to avoid this company at all cost.

Update 6 November: Today I received a center rail leg, just like last time. I have three of them now. The item was posted on 4 November, so three weeks after I informed FV that the wrong missing part was delivered. It says on the incident report that 'screws for centre rail' are missing. I do not understand why 1) this information got lost twice, 2) FV's supplier does not realise they posted the same item to me before and 3) FV even has to contact their supplier for something like screws. I am absolutely clueless how to proceed further. I have been waiting for someome from the warehouse to contact me for an inspection and have still heard nothing. The Online Manager has also not been in contact. I am close to asking this company to pick up the parts of the bed plus mattress and refund me but I guess they won't turn up for that either. I regret the day I decided to buy from this company and wonder whether I will actually be sleeping in a bed before Christmas.

Update 30 November: last weekend the FV delivery team turned up asking why the bed had not been assembled on delivery. They weren't told that parts were missing and left after 5 minutes. Apparently they have now reordered the whole assembly kit and promised someone will be in contact within 10 days. Do I believe that? No.
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    Reply from Furniture Village

    Really sorry you are unable to enjoy your bed yet, and we haven't sorted this as quickly as we would like.
    It appears the store are chasing the supplier for the parts, but not sure what the hold up is.
    We have let the Online Manager know, and she is going to look into this and call you.
    Our Manager has contacted the supplier again, and this time they will send the parts by recorded delivery, so they should be on their way very soon. The Online Office are going to call you as well.
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