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terrible experience

well.....i have tried ordering just over £100 worth of bits for my little brothers at christmas.....everytime i have placed the order i recieved an email giving me my order reference.....about an hour later i get a second email stating my order has been cancelled.....

just thought i would check my credit card account and the wonderful "game" people have decided to take each of the payments.....£500 +

so, i placed the order-which has turned into orders!!!, they take the payment.....and then they decide to cancel the orders

absolute joke of a company, terrible customer serivce, in an ideal world there would be a "customer service department" that would be contactable rather than a web chat service.....

or i can email them and promise to get a reply within 48 hours.....great business model :)

luckily i am in an ok situation financially however i am sure there are families out there that if this happened to it would have an impact on their christmas

i would not entertain dealing with this shower of "sh&t" ever again

and.....the web site said i had to give them a star and couldnt leave it on i have marked them as 1 star, which is actually a lie-they are 0.....and that is being kind

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