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Game Manager blunt and rude

In this day and age where the high street is dying and internet sales are increasing every year, you would think that to retain custom, high street retailers would up their game on their customer service.

Not at game! I took my son's xbox 360 to exchange as he wasn't using it. It was an xbox elite with an upgraded 250gb hard drive, not the original 120gb which I stated to the sales assistant who greeted me. The manager butted in and said, we can't take it as it's not the original.

The upgraded hard drive is an official microsoft product and fail to see how this cannot be exchanged. Not only was this a ridiculous situation which upset my son, the manner of the manager was disgraceful. The sales assistant was clearly embarresed and was apologetic when the manager went into the back room.

What leadership example is that to set to their staff.

An email to game customer service was answered four days later saying that the area manager would discuss with the store manager and get back to me. Good job i didn't hold my breath as I'm still waiting 6 months later.

No wonder they have been in administration with a lack of ability to retain custom in an increasingly competitive area of business.

I used to shop there frequently, never again!
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