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One star is more than they deserve....

My wife and I were looking for a Nintendo DSi for our daughter's birthday and found this site. They were offering it at a good price and so we ordered on 29 June 2011.

They said it would be dispatched within 48hrs; it wasn't. Our daughter's birthday was on 10 July and despite numerous emails and phonecalls (more of which later), we decided to cancel the order, which we did on 08 July 2011 and had to go to Argos and buy one in store for significantly more money.

In cancelling, we formally requested a full refund, but despite numerous further emails and phonecalls (definately some more later!) we still do not have a refund, and today is 26 Spetember 2011.

My wife has now contacted her card provider to raise a dispute in order to try and get our money back.

By the way, in relation to the phone calls, don't bother ringing them, it simply a voicemail message telling you to email thats customer service.

I feel ashamed to have used this company now I have seen these other reviews. For anyone else considering using these people, please seriously consider whether its worth it.

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