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1 Star too many.

Like everyone else, I was fooled by the decent enough looking website and cheap prices.

I made my order back in APRIL. I was working part time, on minimum wage, and wanted to buy my boyfriend a Nintendo 3DS for his birthday.
The amount of ridiculous excuses I received for it not arriving was INSANE. A problem with the printers (what the fuck?), technical difficulties, the usual. The awful thing is, everyone I spoke to on the phone sounded lovely.
I recorded all phone calls I had with the company, and sent email after email complaining to them.
It's December now, and alas, nothing has happened. It's rare that anyone gets their money back from this company, and it's around this time of year that people will fall victim to the site.

These people are ROBBING BASTARDS. I have no idea how the website hasn't been taken down yet! The last time I emailed them, their usual email address wasn't accepting emails, but even so.

Go into a high street shop, and hand your cash over yourself to buy games. This has really put me off online shopping.
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