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Terrible customer service, waiting over 7 months for a refund!!

where do i start?

I ordered a talking ted toy for £43 from gameseek, only to be told after 2 weeks of waiting for delivery that it was out of stock (even though it was stated as in stock when I ordered it).

I said I would wait, so and waited....

decided to email and ask what was going on, and they said they were having trouble getting stock. So I asked for a refund... no problem they said. I am still waiting, over 7 months!!!!!

Constant emails back and forth with them claiming they have sent a refund, yet me never receiving a penny and no record of the transaction id in paypal.

coincidentally, after I ask for a refund the item miraculously becomes available again, So I ask if they can send me the product instead of my refund... No problem, we'll chargeback the 'refund' and have it delivered... Do you think I have recieved it? haha

They then claim they never said they could chargeback the 'refund' even though I have it in an email, which they have been sent a copy of.

Then when I ask them to contact paypal and sort the matter out seeing as they have apparently sent a refund, they stop replying to emails. 6 emails in total asking what was happening but not one reply!!

Have to say I would never buy from them again, they haven't even offered me an apology and have accused me of lying, I have contacted consumer watchdog and am taking legal advice on the matter at the moment
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