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Rather dishonest behaviour

The tests for this company for the various assignments are very long-winded and
at times quite silly,if you finally pass and manage to book a job the
instructions are always very, very long, far more than is necessary. Job done does
not mean that you will be paid as they find so many ridiculous reasons not to pay.
eg a job asks you to check that the internet is working before you begin - you know
it is as you have continuously used it for several hours prior to going on to the
customer website. Gapbuster refuse to pay as you checked for several hours
previously not the split second before, when you have carried out the full assignment
and spent £20 of your own money this does not sound like the behaviour of a
reputable company. Incidentally I do lot of work for GFK, TNS, Sassie, Marketforce
and Performance in people and they would never, ever behave in this way.
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