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The £30 cash-back con

The £30 cash-back con

I purchased a Garmin Edge 200 GPS from Halfords. It had a £30 cash-back offer on the Halfords website, this swayed me to purchase. I uploaded all the relevant files/details to the Garmin site and was informed by Garmin that “Promotion has now been approved and that you will receive payment within the next 28 days”. Well 28 days came and went. I emailed & phoned both Halfords and Garmin, Halfords passed the book saying “that It was nothing to do with them” Garmin replied saying that “We are pleased to confirm that your payment is now in progress. The amount will be awarded to you within the next few days”. Well guess what, the next few days have come and went and still no cheque.
I have phoned Halfords to return the product as the contract between myself and Halfords has been broken. Halfords say that they cannot accept the product back unless it is faulty. As far as I am concerned, this is a load of rubbish, as my contract is with them and the £30 cash-back offer was on their site!

As far as I am concerned this now appears to be a con

I will update this as things progress/or not.

13 days later.

I have now had 3 emails from Garmin, in response to the same amount from me (both with exact same wording) basically saying “The amount will be awarded to you within the next few days”. The trouble is that “the next few days” keep coming and going.

This is defintly a con. Hense reduction to 1 star.
I will not purchase from Halfords or Garmin again, and I would strongly advise others to do the same.

As far as the Garmin Edge 200 itself is concerned, on the plus side, it does work.
On the other hand, nice to see 1980"s technology (you can only use eight characters to name a file!). I would like to name my Rides/Courses with the towns etc that it pass’s through. It certainly ain’t anywhere near the standards of iPod technology. It is very fiddly to try and name/rename a file on the device itself. I was looking at the 800, but if this is the standard of the software, I am glad that I settled for the 200.
Garmin may be the best in this field, but they all need a kick up the backside, hopefully the iPhone should do that.

Update: I have now had an email saying "your cheque has been issued" and to "allow 5 working days". I await with baited breath!

Update2: I have now received the £30 cheque, only 36 days late! So I have now increased to 2 stars.
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