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I bought tickets from GETMEIN for Depeche Mode for the 29th May. I spent way over the face value for the tickets, I paid £556.57 on what may be fraudulent tickets. I thought GETMEIN were affiliated with Ticketmaster, I also read their fan guard and thought it will be safe! I am dissatisfied with customer service. I was gutted and outraged I could NOT use the tickets I purchased. I paid over the odds to purchase good seats and insure they were legitimate. The tickets they sold me did not allow me into the concert and my night was a disaster and my evening ruined. We were refused entry at O2 for the Depeche Mode concert, we were told at the entrance that the tickets were already in use, and had been already scanned. We were told to wait until O2 investigated the matter. The O2 staff told us that only 2 of 4 tickets purchased were NOT legitimate, unfortunately the show had already started at this point. This caused great stress and embarrassment, we felt humiliated waiting on the sidelines as we watched everyone else enter. All 4 of us were extremely gutted! The O2 staff advised there was nothing they could do about this and told us to walk back to the box office and see if we could purchase legitimate tickets. Unfortunately all the tickets had been sold out by the time we reached the box office, the only tickets available were restricted view. We tried calling Getmein to voice our frustration over this but we did not get through.

We were told by the box office at the O2 to follow the steps as we had become victims of fraud!! I called the Consumer Direct and they told me
that ‘Under contract law’ GETMEIN are in breach of the contract. The tickets I received were not what I ordered, I purchased 4 seats together near the front of the stage with great views but this not what I received.

We were so upset, we left work early and incurred travel expenses, including congestion charges, only to have to turn around and go home early. Everyone’s night was ruined none of saw the concert in the end as there were not enough legitimate tickets for both couples to enjoy the show. I have reported this to my credit card company and told them GETMEIN did not deliver the product I purchased online. Barclay Card will be disputing this transaction on my behalf.

To add to my frustration is the fact that there is no easy way to lodge a complaint and address issues with GETMEIN. No clarity on how to claim my 150% compensation??

The next day I called and called the GETMEIN customer service number. It took me nearly 3 hours to get through to GETMEIN customer service. Unfortunately when I did eventually get through I was instructed to send an email!! What a joke. I emailed GETMEIN and finally got a response saying they would only look at me claim if I can provide them with refusal of entry from O2 arena!! I wrote back informing GETMEIN that the O2 did not give me any documentation on refusing entry the only thing they gave me was a document advising what to do when I become a victim of fraud. The O2 staff just simply refused entry the entrance. We did ask for refusal in writing and we were informed this was not their policy. The evening felt like a wild goose chase and waste of time and money!

I called the O2 again to clarify this and I can confirm it is NOT their policy to give out refusal documentation on the day, I was surprised at this as GETMEIN would have already been aware of this. The O2 have asked me to email the customer service team, they said it may take up to working 14 days to respond. GETMEIN have an appalling customer service, they have caused me nothing by stress. Not even a call back to assure me my money was safe.

I will NOT be using this site ever again and will make sure all of my friends and family know not use them!!
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