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Too bad far from clear and honest

Consumer Panel (GfK NOP, UK) & GfK Mediaview
Not a good survey company. It patronises its members and just takes advantage of respondents’ time.
It may be an acceptable company if you get to it through other companies or survey routers but not for being their members. It does not pay just prize draws so you end up having completed too many surveys for free!

Also too bad, their yearly profile questionnaire requires you to give them the mobile number of people in your household!!! I will not!! They told me and I quote:

“If you do not wish to share this information with us, you can go back to the previous question and change your answer to 'None' meaning that you will then be able to continue to complete your questionnaire.”
And they patronise you by saying and I quote “If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email us.”

Part of GFK I discovered is also a bit of a scam. After one year of emailing they never really replied and helped me to login let alone to check the surveys I completed. In my last email about the mobile number (and I quoted their reply above) I again pointed out their but they once again ignored it.

There not seems to be your profile in their Gfk typewriter kind of website and if you redeem a voucher you always have to write all of your details from scratch.

One can only think GFK on the overall is an unfair pretty dishonest company with their too long screening questions and their patronising ways to treat members and avoid reward panellists for their time.
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