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Customer service 5/5 build quality 3/5

Recieved my new PC today which I spent over £1000. I went directly to the courier depot as it is only about 30mins drive from my house.

After taking it out of the box I was immediately drawn to the the GTX 670 (£320+) hanging out of the PCIe slot dangerously to the point a tug of it would have caused it to drop out of the slot completely probably causing severe damage to the graphics card and motherboard I only noticed this by sheer chance because my PC case comes with a clear side panel.

The graphics was not secure on the back panel either because there were no screws-bolts in place to keep the graphics card from moving which is exactly what they are designed to do so I assume who ever built the PC didn't bother as there were no screws lying inside either.

What would have happened if i had switched the PC on with the graphics card in such a position i don't know but it wouldn't have been good either way.

I had to remove a sticker on the case which said void if removed to get the graphics seated back in place.

Secondly the cables i think could have been managed a lot better there is a cable in particular running between 2 of the memory slots that bothers me.

I have ran multiple diagnostics on the PC to make sure everything is working and in particular keeping an eye on the graphics card and any signs it could be faulty I will send the PC back.

If it wasn't for these complaints it would be a 5/5 on build quality.

Would i buy from Ginger6 again? I honestly couldn't say i would definately be inclined to shop around more before i placed an order again.

Will be giving them a call Monday to voice my concerns because a £300+ graphics card not screwed to the case and not seated correctly is something they need to speak to the engineer about.
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