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Great until something goes wrong.

Like the majority of companies which I have ordered from these guys were able to get the products I ordered out to me the next working day.

They also go in contact with me straight away when they had a supply problem informing me that they were out of stock and gave me some options.

The mark of good company is in their returns policy. I had a graphics card fail after 3 days of use. These guy's are a nightmare to get a return from - not only did I have to hassle them just to get my returns accepted - unlike ebuyer, amazon etc - who often on a product this new just send out a new one with no questions these guys make you pay for your own postage to send it back then they send it off to some external company for testing which they informed me could take a long time.

Terrible returns policy - the mark of a good company is its returns policy, and these guys are the worst I have ever used.

I'm sorry - but if this card is this new you should be giving me a new one if I don't like the colour of the thing - IF ITS FAULTY I DON'T EXPECT TO BE WAITING WEEKS FOR A NEW ONE.

I would advise anyone to stay well away from these guys.. pay the extra couple of pounds and get it from a proven company.
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    Reply from Ginger6 Computers

    Hi Nick,

    I'm sorry you had a problem with your video card. As you can appreciate we get a high amount of returns that are either not actually faulty, or items have been damaged by customers. That means we have to test all items on return, and depending on the product we sometimes have to return them to the manufacturer for further testing as we cant always tell what has caused the fault.

    I think you can appreciate if we were to blindly replace all items returned to us we would soon be out of business. We have been caught a couple of times by customer induced problems, and once a customer has a replacement, they are very unlikely to take responsibilty for any damage they may have caused to the original item. We had this happen with a with a Shuttle barebones, and he had an advance replacement as per the manufacturers warranty, it turned out he had damaged the pins on the cpu socket, we ended up with a £500 bill, as he did not want to know once he had his replacement.

    There is a fine line between looking after you as a customer, and also looking after the business. We try and do the best we can, and turn all returns around as soon as possible. On some occasions this is not always possible.

    I think you will find that once we received your card back, you had a replacement one week later, which all in all is a respectable turn around.

    Again I would like to apologise for any inconvienance caused.

    Kevin Wilson
    Ginger6 Ltd
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