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Some improvements could be made in customer service. Although I will say they actually respond via email!

I'll start off with the bad because there is a lot of it. I selected a basic pc model and customised it upwards to what I'd like. The website didn't inform me of any conflicts and all was well until I received a phone call outlining why I had to pay a bit more and receive a lot less [I was informed I'd have to pay a bit more for fans].

The power supply unit I found in the machine was 450W as opposed to the agreed spec of 500W, the wireless card I paid for was incredibly bad and knocked out when it felt like it. When I installed windows 7 on the pc the motherboard decided to have some fun and games with me. So off to a bad start.

I did the sensible thing and called up the hotline for some customer service (I'm assuming good from all the rave reviews). I was told to open the machine up to check the wireless card was installed correctly whilst the machine was on! (something I could have done myself but funnily enough, it also invalidates my warranty). I followed all the instructions as the lady advised and didn't get anywhere. The drivers were up to date etc.

Naturally I asked for a refund, because what person wouldn't when something doesn't perform as it is sold? I called again asking for my £10 back (the price of the component itself) and where to send it to. The woman confessed a lot of complaints are received by the company surrounding the same issue. My initial thoughts were 'why are you still selling this component if it has a history of terrible reliability?'. I reminded her that she should give me a refund because there is nothing more that can be done to rectify the problem.

The conversation ended on good terms and she said she'd call back after speaking with the manager. Unsurprisingly she never called back. Clearly being respectful, polite and patient was not getting me anywhere and I don't recommend using this company again. I tried building this spec (of the order) on my own and Ginger 6 priced it cheaper.

However customer service is truly terrible, appalling in fact. Not to mention I found that the motherboard is actually damaged or not performing as it should having used a variety of hardware (USB thumb drives, mouses and keyboards) all of which either underperform or knock out after a while. The temperature gauge was also damaged on the motherboard which definitely scared me for sure given the temperature restrictions on the AMD processor inside! What made things worse is that the bios wasn't even updated to the latest version out of courtesy and that itself was a handful.

This goes beyond bad customer service to sheer incompetence. Looking back on it I wished I had just spent a little extra money and made this build myself knowing that everything will work as it should. As opposed to relying on this company who as far as they are concerned just don't care about what they do.

A lot of these issues (spec wise) could have been avoided by updating and putting in some time and effort into their website. The customer care thing could be considered a one off given that all companies have a constant battle in providing good customer service. However all things considered its just not worth your time and effort. A lot of people make pcs out there and they have good customer service. In some ways you get what you pay for, in the other sense I wished Ginger 6 could be more informative on their website. They should definitely deliver a scathing response to ASUS who just decided to RMA the board no questions asked.

Update: Customer support seems to have improved through email at least. Called up the other day over a drivers failure with my GPU and the lady requested I email in the problem with as much depth as possible. I went as far as I could for detail. She kept in touch on a regular basis. Once every couple of days. Not great but definitely not bad (all things considered its pretty good for a private non nationwide company) so it seems like that email at least is a more constructive way in contacting them. She made some useful suggestions too like checking for the latest drivers. The problem has definitely driven me mad with the software (AMD Catalyst Control Centre) telling me there is no overclock on the GPU but there actually being so. I only knew that once I looked up on AMD's specifications for my GPU. Then there was the added issue of the voltage being too restrictive and my GPU being squeezed for power for whatever reason. It had plenty of headroom but the motherboard seems to do a crappy job in managing it. Something I'm looking to upgrade my way out of in the future as its pathetic from ASUS. A ratings system on their site would be good as that way I could say to other people not to bother with this ASUS motherboard and pick something else.
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