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The worst customer care!

Having used Naturediet sensitive for my 2 dogs for some time I ordered 3 cases from Titmuss in November.

The first case was fine but upon opening the second there was a terrible smell and it was very hard to break up - and both dogs turned their noses up and wouldn't eat it (chocolate labs, yes, notorious for eating anything!). Tried another tray - same.

I tried some from the third batch - same - either something had changed or something had gone wrong in the manufacture. I phoned Titmuss to be told they had other similar complaints and would probably refund and ask me to dispose of them. They promised to get back to me.

I phoned again to be told they were still looking into it (3 weeks later).
Waited again. You've guessed...nothing.

I emailed.
Reply received - 'please see response from manufacturer'.
It read..'manufacturing process has not changed, .food was soft when tested...customer should feed it to dogs as we have had no similar complaints' - oh, really? So am I making this up for the sake of £24 quid??? No.

Astounded, I respond accordingly expressing my views.
I am utterly dumbfounded that Titmuss thought that was good customer care. Only when I pressed did Titmuss ask Naturediet to analyse a small amount of the food.

And once again.....nothing.
No' thanks we have received the food', until I chased again.

Weeks later and, you've guessed again, nothing.
No 'we've tested it and...'
Subsequently I have thrown the food away and moved to a different food.
It staggers me that in 2014 a company can ride rough-shot over customers in this way. Well Titmuss, you can keep the £24 I have just tipped - perhaps you might like to put it to some training in customer care for your staff.

I rest my case!
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