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So bad they want reporting to the Police

I ordered 4 tyres for £740.00 and it became clear very quickly that this company was never going to supply them. They don't answer the phone, return your calls, or reply to e mails. They are an incompetent one man band, who couldn't care less for their customers if they tried! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM, YOU WILL GET RIPPED OFF!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Reply from www.goodgrip.co.uk


    Thank you for taking the time to review your order. We always respond to our dissatisfied customers on Trustpilot and as you will see from earlier replies we are prepared to put our hands up and admit when our services has let our customers down. It is very important to us that we learn from our mistakes and our customers know that we take seriously any bad reviews.

    However, on this occasion many of the details of your review do not seem to fit with our own records of your order history.
    After placing your order on the 31st March you understandably emailed us on the 8th April to check when your order was to be delivered as the expected delivery date had passed. One of our Customer Service staff, Martin, informed you that they were due to be delivered that day between 15-16 and that if you hadn’t heard from the fitting centre to let him know and he would check for you on their progress. You understandably misinterpreted Martin’s email to mean they would arrive between the 15th-16th of that month, not 15:00 and 16:00 (3pm-4pm) that day and asked for an immediate refund. Upon realising he had not been clear in his email he immediately contacted you to apologise and clarified that he meant 3pm and 4pm that day (the 8th) and that should they not arrive, or you not hear from the delivery company or fitting centre, that you should let him know straight away. You acknowledged by reply that you understood the tyres should be ready for fitting between 3pm and 4pm that day. That is the last correspondence we had from you so we assumed you had received your tyres and required no further assistance.

    Upon seeing your review we looked in to your case to find out the full details and discovered that the tyres had been delivered to the fitting centre and you had been there to have them fitted but according to the fitting centre had chosen not to have them fitted as they were run-flat tyres and were not the products you ordered. We were entirely unaware of this until you placed your review as the fitting centre did not contact us and you did not contact Martin, or any other Customer Service staff, by phone or email to inform us that you had not had the tyres fitted and would like to be refunded.

    We do answer the phone, we did reply to your emails, we are not a one man band. We have a team of 12 full time customer service staff and in your case Martin had been handling your order from start to finish.

    That you feel we let you down is something we take very seriously but that you considered us to be “so bad they want reporting to the Police” we have to take exception to and hope that no other customers act on your advice not to buy anything from us.

    If there are any other unresolved issues with your order please do let us know either by phone on 0330 80 80 999 or email Martin directly on martin@goodgrip.co.uk

    Kind regards,

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