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Great idea, watch out for auto renewals!!!

Received a free first order from an ebay seller and promptly signed up.

Fantastic idea, particularly for busy lunch hours and health conscious workers. The website is great and you rate different products to personalise your graze boxes.

Yes it's a little pricey but it's a great gift idea and I particularly like the idea of sending a graze box with a birthday greeting (etc) inside. I will probably try this.

My rating is only 3 stars because Graze have followed this new trend of what I consider unethical behaviour by making you sign up for a free order and then tangling you up within their system.

Read the small print, check everything, make sure you are aware you will need to cancel before your second 'payable' order if you don't want this automatically sending boxes and charging you.

Even the cancellation of the regular deliveries is a little complicated, not a problem for me but I guarantee that many people unfamiliar with internet shopping and website methods will end up with an unexpected order they have been charged for.

Overall I think Graze is an excellent idea but I do not like companies who utilise these slightly dodgy methods to auto-renew. They aren't breaking any laws but they are certainly maximising their potential for accidental orders.

November 2012
It happened! Despite a half price offer the overly complicated ordering system at Graze caused me to pay full price when I thought I had two half price boxes permitted. Graze were typically inflexible so I will no longer use this service. Well done Graze, you offered an interesting service and managed to lose this customer.
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