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Totally impressed......well nearly

I decided to buy Greased Lightening after a conversation with work-mates. I thought I'd get the Ultimate Valeting Pack as it had most of the products in one pack at a good price. The pack includes Showroom Shine, Bug Buster, Brilliant Black and Crystal Clear.
The Showroom Shine is absolutely brilliant. I did wash the car first, then applied the polish. I was amazed, even in strong sunshine, the polish was easy to apply and was just as easy to remove, it did not dry hard in the sun like some polishes. Even removed tar spots from last summer, that had proven stubborn with other products. The finished look was awesome. I have used it again, without washing the car first and the results are the same.
The Brilliant Black makes the tyres look good, but most importantly, makes the black exterior trim look like new.
The Bug Buster does just what is says, even dried on old bug-stains come of with a little elbow grease.
Not to sure on the Crystal Clear. In my experience so far, the smear-free claim is not true. My windows looked dirtier than before I applied it. Maybe should have used a glass cleaner first, before applying it. Ended up using a de-greaser to remove it and use Autoglym glass polish.
Disappointed that Greased Lightening do not make an interior cleaner for plastic/vinyl interiors. Maybe soon..........
The microfibre clothes are also quite expensive at £9.99 for 4. (24 from Amazon is £10.49).
Overall, I am impressed with most of the products I've used so far. I may be even tempted to buy the Showroom Shine 1 US Gallon (3.78 Litres) at £35 as this represents a £20 saving for the equivalent quantity in litre bottles.
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