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I would buy more often if you could buy the product in retail outlets ie Halfords ect

After starting my polishing days with hard wax Simonize (many years ago) and developing a reputation for driving cars that always had that mirror finish look,people
would ask which polish i used.The answer i gave was always, it is not so much
the polish but the hard work involved in applying,and on a regular basis.
I saw your product advertised on Ideal World and but would not believe the waterless
Owning a Black Jaguar s type i saw a similar product in the Jaguar showroom
so i thought if it is good enough for them i will give it a go.
I have never looked back. I still prefer to wash my car first then use your product
and i still get the same comments i did years ago but with a lot less effort.
I have just ordered a new Volvo V60 in black and cant wait to start it's life with your
product.. I must get a life!!!!
Yours Sincerely
P Murray
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