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A confirmation of my order would have been helpful

I ordered a greenhouse online for my son on the 3rd December and received no email confirmation of the order as promised . I rang the firm on the 5th and was told an email had been sent following the order. I checked they had the right address and asked them to send it again. I still received no email confirmation. The first indication of life that I have received from the firm was your communication on the 11th with a request for a review, which was followed by an email from my son to say that they had contacted him with a delivery date.

As an old granny suspicious of online purchasing, it would have been a great help to know that things were above board, particularly as the money had gone out of my account the day following my order. We are still awaiting delivery so I can only hope that there are no further problems.
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    Reply from Greenhouse Warehouse

    Our system confirms that emails were sent twice successfully, and our staff should have advised that the Spam or Junk email folder be checked to find these emails. Delivery date has been confirmed and scheduled.
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