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I'd been asked to valet a car for a friend of the wife, a little favour I sometimes do for folk that ask.
Having run out of several products to do this, and because my local Motor Factor no longer supplies the brand I prefer, I resorted to "Halfrauds",* only because the car needed to be spruced up quickly for a special occasion.
*This was, of course, my fault for not "re-stocking" stuff before I needed it!.
...........be a little careful if you have to use them.
Their pricing is, ridiculously exensive from every item from a screw to a battery.
Their "special offer" or "promotional" prices on many products are no such thing.
The particular items I bought (containing 325ml) were actually dearer than the larger 500ml that I usually use, even taking into account the supposed "discount". In fact I could have bought a litre for a couple of pounds more elsewhere had I had the time to order and wait, which in future I certainly will, even if it delays the job getting done!!.
Please be really sure you must use them before being robbed to pay for huge stores with brightly lit displays of overpriced goods.
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