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Worst experience ever.Avoid like the plague.

I booked my car for an MOT test at Mitcham branch SW17 9HP
Brought the car at given time 10 o'clock in the morning.
Half price offer ( WOW ).Why not.
Left the car with them for about 2hrs (everybody makes mistakes).
Pass but with two advisory items
-EPS light on
-long parking brake travel (handbrake).

*amber items-braking system needs attention (according to halfords).
Disc and pads all round (upgraded discs and pads,not standard Oem's) were all changed last year.Approx 6 months ago.Not a lot of driving done since.

They rang,its time to collect my car.Of course this f****** have already updated my MOT history on the computer (with two advisory items on it).
I have a feeling that this garage is scamming customers and they put advisory items on if half price MOT offer is presented and con them on the work required or unrequired as it may be the case.

Now to the point,
less then 45 minutes later car went to Honda dealer for a full sevice.Technicians at Honda checked the car in and out.Every detail on it.
Nothing wrong with the car at all.Everything on the car works tip top.
-EPS lights when you turn the key,the second you start the engine light turns off (same like most lights on the dash,its normal)
-handbrake and brakes all in very good condition (no adjustments or attention needed at all)

Car very weel looked after on the 54 plate with 54000k only since new.Full main dealer history and always well maintained.Never any advisory items on any MOT's in the past.

I would NEVER use Halfords again, either their shops or their repair centres, for anything and I would strongly recommend anyone against going anywhere near them.

Anyway, if you made it this far... congrats. I know that was long, but I just needed to get it out there
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