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Hard to be,ue e that they remain in business

Without Prejudice
The boom in Cycling I guess keeps them afloat but the customer experience is beyond belief.
There's no point in complaining as the compaints team don't bother to ask your opinion and are toothless.
They give a sanitised 'corporate" response which is based on the customer is always wrong.
Took my car for a new radio for my wife.
No expertise on site but happy to take your money.
Went back and left with a bigger problem than when I started.
A big hole where a once working radio was with the bracket bent beyond repair (I was told that removal of bracket would take two minutes not an hour).
No-one on site to help.
Manager as useful as a chocolate teapot.
Complained and told my problem not theirs but gave refund.
The customer experience is everything and as businesses like Comet and countless others discovered deliver this or go out of business.
Really shoddy and unprofessional experience, never again.
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