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worst company we've ever done business with

"Disappointed and let down"

We booked a Hammonds salesman visit on 1st Jan 2012. Also looked at Sharps and, despite poor online reviews, went with Hammonds primarily due to the better quality of product. Subsequently their surveyor paid a visit to draw up the final plans - total bill £6000+.
We advised Hammonds that we planned to strip out the old furniture and paint and decorate during the 1st week of the school Easter holidays and would like them to fit the furniture during the second week - but that our carpet fitter was due on the Friday (13 April) - and during term time the house is empty. So we thought the Tue & Wed would be best - with the Thursday as an option if things went wrong.
Hammonds chose to fit on the Wednesday and Thursday. By the time they advised us of this we had parted with over £5000 and when we suggested that Tue/Wed would be better in case of unforeseen problems, they sent a very terse email drawing our attention to a clause in their ‘customer handbook’ which says we should not book carpet fitters etc immediately after Hammond’s fitting dates ‘in case of unforeseen difficulties’.
Well…. Today is Thursday 12th. It’s noon. The fitter (who has done his absolute best) is about to leave. The bedroom is barely started. A complete mess from the word go!
He arrived yesterday and soon discovered that two key panels had the wrong colour veneer – dark instead of light. He made phonecalls. Replacement panels were 153 miles away. I offered to drive there and back to collect them in my estate car. Hammonds declined, saying they would arrange delivery at 8a.m. this morning. He thought the fitting might drag on into Friday, so we contacted the carpet fitter and put back his appointment from ‘first call of the day’ to ‘last call’.
The Hammonds fitter arrived here at 8a.m. The panels arrived at 10:10a.m.! Exactly the same panels as before!!!
So the fitter has put all the component parts in the bedroom and is about to leave – there’s nothing more he can do. We have cancelled the carpet fitter until further notice and may have to pay a late cancellation penalty.
Next week the house will lie empty all day. Our son (it’s his bedroom) will have to make do in the spare bedroom. No one seems to be sure when the room will be completed – or even if it will be the same fitter.
Hammond’s attitude is uncaring. Once they have your order, and in particular, your money, they seem to think that so long as you eventually end up with your ‘dream bedroom’ the process can be protracted, chaotic and stressful - it will all be ‘made better’ by their superb product.
That is not the case. Even if the bedroom turns out to be the most amazing one ever, each time I go to it, I will remember the unnecessary stress and inconvenience we were put through.
I will not entertain them to install another room – even if they offered to do it free of charge!
They advise me that this sort of thing is very rare! The point is – their management of it is so poor.
1. They should have taken advantage of the extra day – as I advised them to do.
2. They should have taken advantage of my offer to drive to pick up the panels (I would instantly have recognised that they were the wrong colour)
3. They should have been much more communicative with us about how they plan to resolve this chaos. They haven’t been in touch AT ALL.
Our advice is to heed the many negative online reviews of this company – they all point to shoddy management – not shoddy goods. Get your bedroom furniture elsewhere!
I will return to write a further review on completion of the work.
P.S. In the interests of fairness, I emailed a copy of this review to their customer support team at 12:30. It’s now 3:30 and they haven’t contacted us to apologise… advise what we should expect as a resolution. Nothing

It's now 11Sept and bedroom still unfinished. We've had a couple of visits from 'craftsmen' to try (largely unsuccessfully) to make the edges of adjacent wardrobe doors parallel; fit and refit wardrobe handles that come off in your hand and with the points of their fixing screws protruding; make self closing doors and drawers work properly; make drawer edges parallel etc etc.

Today I was supposed to receive replacement wardrobe door handles for me to fix myself - I have no doubt I can do a better job than the Hammonds guys. I doubt if I'll ever get to see the handles. They were supposed to be with us last week But no. After tens of minutes in their 'queue' I was advised that it was today the handles would arrive. So today came and largely went. After another interminable wait on my mobile at my expense, I was told they would be with me on Thurs 20th. Ah! I thought someone told me last week that Hammonds only deliver in my area on Tuesdays. A promise of a phone back. I never actually expected a phone back. Hammonds don't do customer service and never phone back. So joy of joys, they DID phone back and I can expect the handles next Tuesday. I doubt if they will arrive.
We plan to usee the 'bedroom of our dreams' for a year or two then rip it out and get a grown up company to do the job properly.

Well the saga continues. Now it's November 5th. The bedroom is finished!!! The handles DID eventually arrive. In the meantime I have decided to communicate with hammonds only by letter because they seldom respond to email and I have spent a fortune on their call-waiting system. I fitted the handles correctly by making tapped holes in the aluminum body and securing them with machine screws rather than using woodscrews in an amateur attempt to use the thin decorative wood trim as a secure fixing - 'the hammond way'.
The final bill has arrived. It includes a £250 credit. I have written asking for an explanation for the £250 but so far only another exact copy of the final statement has been forthcoming. I am ready to post my final payment cheque but not until they send a correct statement and some explanation of the £250. Is it an error? I really hope it is not some cynical attempt to offer compensation for their total incompetence. Today I got an email from them acknowleging that they have read this review. Note that I advised them that I had initially posted this review in April. They want me to get in touch so they can 'assist with my issue'. They just don't get it. There is NOTHING they can can do to assist. NO amount of money can compensate and I will continue to offer honest accounts of the terrible, terrible service we have suffered to all the potential customers who contact me. I will be happy to withdraw any part of my online reviews that they can show to be inaccurate.
As a footnote.. I notice that many other reviewers who have had a bad experience with Hammonds have had their reviews responded to today - all within a few hours of each other. I further notice that the glowing reviews on trustpilot are all written in the same style - using the same vocabulary and making consistent grammatical errors. Part of my job is to spot writing that has originated from the same person.

Today (13Nov 2012) just read another review from a dissatisfied customer who also ordered from hamonds after seeing a display in a Glasswells store. We first became aware of hamonds after a visit to Glasswells. We have dealt with Glasswells for years and always been happy with their products and services. We have spent many thousands of pounds with them. So what I've decided to do is draw their attention to the many online reviews of hamonds and tell them that Glasswells will no longer be our furnishings supplier of choice until they evict hamonds from their stores.

Oh... I'm SO looking forward to hear if David Smiles (http://www.trustpilot.co.uk/users/2587431) gets his bedroom fixed. I'll give £10 to Oxfam if he has it fixed by Christmas. And £20 if he doesn't. So I guess Oxfam are set to make £20.
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    Reply from Hammonds Furniture

    Hi Andy,

    I am very sorry to hear about your recent disappointment with Hammonds.
    We realise how frustrating this experience has been for you and we appreciate you taking the time to let us know that you've been unhappy with the service received.

    We take all feedback seriously and would like to help resolve this issue. Please contact us at OnlineHelp@hammonds-uk.com and you will get a response within one working day. In order to assist with your issue as quickly as possible please can you provide your full name, postcode and Hammonds account number?

    Thank you for your valued custom and for bringing these concerns to our attention.

    The Hammonds online team
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