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Okay so the buyer lived in Scotland and he wanted to send the TV back. No problem I said. So I sent the buyer instructions to return the item. It's pretty straight forward, a six year old could follow it. He sent it off and I began tracking it from then on. Then Parcel was held up at the HDNL Glasgow depot from Friday. It was still there over the weekend into the following week. After calling the assistant on the phone at YODEL/HDNL at the Glasgow depot, she said I have to contact CollectPlus. SIGH

I contacted CollectPlus and told them about the hold up and after I gave her an ear full, she finally got it to move from Glasgow to Sandwell depot. Phew. The parcel was out for delivery and was due to be at my door, only when I checked the tracking notice, it said it got delivered. HUH? To whom I thought? I haven't received anything. I've read bad reviews about YODEL/HDNL before hand, and I began to panic. I called CollectPlus and told them I didn't receive any item at my door from HDNL. She told me it was delivered to someone buy the name of ''Gale''. Well whose this ''Gale'' I asked? She said she'll check with the driver at the depot to see where he had delivered it to and will notify me of any updates by phone.

The next day came and all through out the day they hadn't replied. So I then had to make a phone call at my own expense. She told me the depot informed them the driver who delivered the parcel was off sick, but they'll notify me of any updates when the driver returns to work at the depot. So the next day came and again I had to make the call and waited another 10 minutes on the phone. She said they still haven't had anything new because the driver was still off sick. Suspicious.

I then replied ''will you definitely know who the driver is?'' She replied ''Oh yes, they will definitely know, because of time logs.'' I told her then to call me back on my phone if you have anything new. The weekend came and YET AGAIN I had to make the call and they had no new updates for me except to tell me the driver was STILL off sick. Okay. I then threatened to involve the Police.

My back was against the wall. Too much time was being wasted and the process was moving VERY SLOWLY. The male assistant at CollectPlus told me I should make a claim. I filled out the claims form and sent it in PDF format via email. The following week and again I had to make the call, and waited 7 minutes to talk to someone.

I wanted to check the status of my claim and he told me its still being processed. Okay, so I then asked him if he knows the where about of my parcel? He said "the driver still has not turned up at work which is a cause for concern'' and added ''so I'd follow through with the claim because you most likely never see it again.'' Two weeks later, I finally got a response in the form of a cheque sent to me to the sum of £106 pounds. I never had to refund a buyer on Amazon before and if I was fully aware of the partial refund feature on Amazon, I would have paid the full amount (£10/£200 cover) for the return of my TV. This whole experience has left me feeling very angry with myself.

I am normally a very curious person and totally I disregarded the shear amount of bad reviews on here, on Google and other review sites regarding YODEL aka HDNL. Evidence that HDNL/Home Delivery Network AKA YODEL deliver a bad service was all to see. All in all I lost £40 paying for the shipping and returns. £106 in refunds from Collect Plus doesn't total up to the complete value of the item plus delivery (£146.18). Verdict - CollectPlus = EPIC FAIL.

CollectPlus were very slow with dealing with my case - when you finally get to talk to someone at their office after an average waiting time of 10 minutes on the phone queues. Listening to the most annoying music going around in a continuous loop. I felt I had to galvanize them to DO something with investigating the whereabouts of my TV. Please, if you have any common sense at all (of which I was seriously LACKING OF at the time), you'll avoid Collect Plus and HDNL/Home Delivery Network AKA YODEL, because you only get what you pay for.
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