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How HDNL stole Christmas....

You’re a mean one HDNL
You really are a Thief
You're as reliable as a chocolate tea pot
And have a customer service that doesn't care
You're a bad company,
with the worst delivery record in the world!
You're a monster, HDNL!
Your drivers tell you fibs.
They say deliver goods .
When obviously they don't!!
I wouldn't touch you
With a thirty-nine-and-a-half foot pole!!!

To be honest at least the Grinch changed his ways, but after years of complaining you just change your name. I am currently waiting for a truthful answer to where my 2 year old's safety helmet and pads are and also his superhero books. Yesterday after complaining to Amazon that our order hadn't been delivered, you quickly change our details on your website to delivered!! But delivered to who?? Father Christmas??

Someone is telling porkies HDNL and its certainly not us!!!
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