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Never ever again.....

Here's what i have just written to Hertz.....

Went to collect a pre-ordered car at Stansted airport. Wish i hadn't nowv!!!

Firstly, as i TRIED to explain to the guy, i was not able to order a much needed GPS at the time of booking . I asked for a GPS, but was told that there weren't any left.
I was therefore FORCED,(because i REALLY needed one) to upgrade my car choice to one with a built in GPS which i was not happy about because of the extra cost of the vehicle and fuel consumption.
When i collected the car, i was told that there were FIVE gps's available anyway !!!!
So, i have been forced to upgrade my car, and ay for a GPS that i didn't need, as there was already one built into the car.

After a very long, and annoying 1/2 hour with the guy at the service desk, who seemed like he just didn't give a shit, we finally got it sorted. Until i looked at the bill.
Firstly, i have paid for FULL insurance, which i never ordered. Location service charge of 23.00 was added. No idea what that was for??
My original internet transaction of 92.00 somehow became 204.00
I am of course VERY dissatisfied with all this. I was cheated into paying for a GPS, not informed that i was charged unnecessarily for insurance, and the whole thing from start to finish was a total nightmare.
Subsequently, myself and my business partner were late for our meeting in Grimsby.
We made it clear to everybody at the meeting that it was Hertz, who were to blame.
I have rented cars at Stansted for the last 15 years, and never had a problem, they've all been perfect.
Having flown with Ryanair, i felt that it would be easier to just book the car with the flight.
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