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Sent this to Hertz (customerservices@hertz.ie) in July 13. Still waiting!!!

My family and I recently rented a car from you for the purpose of a family holiday as per reference above. My father - 81, mother - 67, who has many illnesses and travelled with assistance with Ryanair, my sister and myself.
We collected the car from your depot at Kerry airport, we loaded our cases in and got the sat-nav ready to go, only it did not work. I reported this to the gentlemen in the office, we do not usually fly to Kerry so were worried we might get lost. Rather than give us a new vehicle, we were told to 'drive up the road' to Murphy's garage. Not being from the area, and with no sat-nav due to a fault in your vehicle, we were quite bemused by the directions so in the end the gentleman from your office drove up there with us following. The mechanic at the garage eventually put a new fuse in, he did however not move particularly quickly and our deadline for getting where we were going was getting closer. I did ask Tom, the mechanic, whether replacing the fuse would work as in my experience, if a fuse has gone there is usually an underlying problem with the vehicle. He assured us that this would be fine so car fixed, we started on our journey with the sat-nav working. 30 minutes down the road the sat-nav went off, the fuse had gone, again. We managed, somehow, to find our way back to the airport, when we left the first time we were given a free pass card for the airport barrier, of course, we did not have one this time so my sister used her credit card. I went and found the gentlemen that had taken us to the garage and explained that the car had broken again, as we said it would, and could we have another car. He did oblige, but it did take a further 20 minutes, I moved my 2 elderly parents to the second car, and then the 6 suitcases, we were asked how we got back in to the car park, my sister informed them that we used a credit card, they gave us a paper card, that is free to get out.
We did not get stressed or complain to the man about the goings on that day as he was trying to do his job, albeit rather slowly and with poor judgement, and we like to treat people how we would wish to be treated. However, on our return to the UK we have noticed that there is a bill on my sister's credit card for parking at the airport, something that we did not do. The value that was charged to the card was £72.75 (85.90 Euro). We have this charge on the credit card due to a member of Hertz staff advising to use, and providing us with, another paper card pass.
I cannot seem to find your complaints procedure anywhere online, please take this email as a formal complaint, we should like a reply within 7 days, otherwise we will take the matter further. We are very disgruntled that not only were we 2 hours late to an appointment which was due to the negligence of your staff and the faults of your cars but now we have been charged by the airport car park also. We would be grateful if this charge could be reimbursed, preferably in the form of a cheque.
We look forward to hearing from you in due course.

We would advise you to think before you book and choose another provider!!!!!!!!!
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