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Holiday Autos, ruined by Cartrawler

Feeling totally let down by Car Trawler and Holiday Autos. Having used this company a number of times without problem, I noticed this year when booking that Cartrawler appeared in the search page. Not thinking anything had changed I continued to book a car.
However the hire company chosen was not named until I paid with my credit card.
Big mistake!

To make sure that I was totally covered, I took out the recommended security deposit, insurance. This is with Allianz,
So no worries then….
Another Big mistake!!

Arrived in Murcia to pick up my car from a company called Dickmans, should have realised, who on earth, would name their company, Dickmans!
Their office is in a van, row three Murcia Airport.
Trying not to pre judge the situation, I put my paranoia behind me and showed my Cartrawler pre-paid voucher. It was at this point that I started to feel uneasy. The agent took one look at my Allianz Insurance cover and laughed! He would not accept this and stated that I would either have to pay £300 deposit, directly into his bank account, returnable 3 to 4 days after return, or take out their own insurance at £130.
Well common sense should have told me to walk away, but this being Murcia Airport, with few facilities, I was intimidated into accepting the situation or walking.
Another Big mistake!!!

Having paid up, stating I was not happy, an employee then took me to the car and in a whirlwind after making me sign an inspection form, made his exit. No real chance to establish the cars faults, I photographed each elevation of the car and drove some 130kms to our destination, upon which we found there was no Hi viz jacket, emergency triangles or first aid kit, which are all mandatory in Spain. I tried ringing the contact number on the paperwork, but no answer from the company.
You’ve guessed it………….

On return I again photographed all elevations and returned the keys to a hole in the back of the van, things were looking up, there were now 2 pallets stacked up, for customers to reach, the service window.
I am still waiting for my deposit, to be returned, in the meantime I have contacted my credit card company, who will act for me and tried to contact Cartrawler through their complaints website, which allows you to upload your written complaint, but not supporting information, although it states the info, has been successfully updated!

I have always used Holiday Autos in the past, but since Cartrawler have been involved, I believe you have little redress, the company clearly knows there are issues with Dickmans, (see Dickmans rent a car, reviews on Tripadvisor).
Incidently, taking out the recommended extra security deposit insurance with Allianz, is a total waste of time, because unless Dickmans actually states the car is damaged Allianz will not want to know, best thing to do is crash the car into their van, you should then be able to claim!!!

Its such a shame that a relatively reliable company should be let down by the antics of Cartrawler and its car hire partners. Will post again if I hear anything, positive or negative.
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