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too good to be true

booked through these guys for a week in Madeira.

The quote was fantastic. Less than half the price of any other I could find online. All they were asking was 8 gbp a day. Bargain...So I opted to go for the class above basic. A 1.6L Nissan Juke at 10 gbp a day.

Get to Madeira to pick up my car from Goldcar...and it all went downhill from there.

1) No nissan jukes on the island, so no chance of getting the car I actually picked online. Told me I can have the same 'class' of car - but apparently our definition of 'same class' is not the same! . All they could offer me was an Economy 1.2L Skoda - Clearly not in the same class as a 1.6L CUV from where I come from.

So, clearly not happy. but things got even worse. Guy tells me due to all the crashes on the islands, they have to block off 5000 euros insurance excess on my creditcard. Which my card won't allow. - "Don't worry sir, you can just take out our optional extra Insurance for only 109 euros instead'! - I had no choice since they couldn't block off the 5K on my card....seemed like a well rehearsed routine.

And finally - they give the car to you full of petrol and charge you twice the price of filling a regular 50L tank. Another 92 euros. 'But don't worry sir, if you bring the car back half full - I'll refund you the difference'

I did return it half full, more than half full in fact and two weeks later, not received a penny from them. No reply to emails.

So what started out as a bargain deal of 10 gbp a day, ended up costing about 25 gbp a day.

Goldcar obviously don't make enough money allowing holidayautos to quote these cheap they just make up for it by fleecing their customers. I'm sure they're not the only car hire company that work with holidayautos to do this either.

If it's too good to be true....It's probably a scam! AVOID
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