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After 2 faulty items they made me sign an agreement saying i wont go back if third unit faulty. Amazing

I went to these guys and bought a Harman Kardon HKTS7 home cinema speaker system.

After setting up the system i realised the sub had Harmon Hardon written on it, the top of the capital K was missing. The sub was also making a ticking noise. I took it back to the store and the ticking had stopped but they agreed to change it , after some persuasion because the thing said Hardon it instead of Kardon. They only agreed after i said if they bought Calvin Klien keans and it said Calvin Hlien on it they wouldn't accept it.

The second unit would not even turn on. The sub had no power at all. So i took it back. You would think that most shops would be apologetic but homeav direct done something i had never seen any company do before. When i went in the guy told me he would have to book it in to be tested and i would have to wait 7 days. I told him there's an electricity socket right next to him and it takes 20 seconds to plug it in and flick the power switch on the sub. The guy i was speaking to would disapear at the end of every sentence to go call the manager and ask what to do. BE WARNED this is one of those companies where the manager is not in most the time and the staff have NO AUTHORITY to do anything, they even made me come back on a different day when the manager was there. Who turns a customer away with a faulty item because the manager is not present. Why is there not a duty manager always there.

The guy refused to simply plug in the sub and save me having to drive to them and back home, an hour drive, for a third time. He agreed that he would sending to their testing department who would plug it in and flick the switch on it within 24 hours and get back to me, the manager this time spoke to me.....over the phone, at which point he told me that the first sub i took back he sold to someone else, well done, you sold a faulty sub to someone else, very professional.

So i made yet another trip home knowing id have to come back.

I called the next day and was told they did not test it, instead they sent it Germany to be tested and i would have to wait for the item to reach Germany. I was shocked, they have dozens of electrical sockets around their show room, they could of saved me all this hassle by simply plugging it in.

I called them back and told them it was within 28 days i will be bringing back the rest of the speakers and wanted a refund. Only then did they agree to give me another sub.

HERE IS THE SHOCKER, they only gave me a new sub if i signed a piece of paper saying that if the item broke within the first year I WOULD NOT GO BACK TO THE STORE, even if it was within 28 days i accept the store WILL NOT HELP ME AT ALL. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF A COMPANY PULL A STUNT LIKE THIS!!

I had no choice but to sign an agreement saying i would not go back to the store with the faulty item as they would have nothing to do with it. That is some pretty awful customer service.

They are so friendly and talkative when you are buying something. When you have a problem be prepared for the worst customer service you will ever get.
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