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No customer service whatsoever - useless

E-mail to Homebase sent 29 October 2013
Please could this be passed on to the relevant department? I am not very happy.
Having purchased an extremely expensive designer vanity basin and toilet combination, and an equally expensive mirrored cabinet, toilet roll holder etc. for my new bathroom, I decided it might be time to economise and bought some floor tiles from Homebase that were reduced in price, and also a large tub (3.6 square metres) of Homebase waterproof flexible floor tile adhesive and grout - colour "grey".
My fitter laid the floor tiles, and the grout looked black. Left it for four days, and it still looks black - NOT at all what I was expecting - I thought it would at least dry to the colour of the product in the tub - if not lighter.
I rang customer services and was told to photograph it and go, with the tub, to my local store - which I duly did. Very nice man called Dave agreed it looked black, rang head office and it was suggested that their own local handyman would call to inspect the problem.
He came, he agreed with me that it was a very dark charcoal grey colour if not black, and even dug out a channel of the grout. I asked what he thought - he replied "I would NEVER use their stuff myself, and now I've dug that out I'm going to have to come back and put it right aren't I?" On being pressed, he said he would suggest that he came back, raked out all the remaining grout and replace it with a grey grout - adding that unfortunately he wouldn't be able to do it this week but would be free next week.
Imagine my surprise when I was rung by Dave from Towcester Homebase this morning, and was informed that their handyman had reported that there was nothing wrong with it. I could hardly believe my ears. What's more, if he thought this, why had he actually dug a channel of it out? I can only imagine that he didn't fancy doing the job. It doesn't make any sense at all and I am extremely upset.I am attaching a photo or the grouting taken on my iPad, and also a picture of the contents of the tub for colour reference. Yours etc.

Still waiting for a response to this email, and despite them sending an acknowledgement and giving my complaint a ref. number - nobody is able to access it when I ring. HOPELESS!!!
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