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Asking unimportant questions before enrolling on course

I can understand questions about my qualifications or about my work experience; although asking about my salary and monthly payments is unimportant. I am not applying for a loan or even for a credit card, I am applying to finish my AAT qualification.
I have contacted with Home Learning College just to find an answer on the question: Can I do AAT level 4 in 2 years with them? Man had told me that he cannot answer me on this question till I didn't answer on some security questions, after he was asking me about financial situation and bank information. When I told him that I want just answer on one question and I am unhappy to answer on these questions the man told me that I am rude and he willnt speak with me at all. After this he just hang off the phone. I will go to other company with better customer service.
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    Reply from Home Learning College

    We are sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction with the service you have received from our Course Advisor. We encourage our course advisors to try engage in a detailed discussion about the study options available to you, and in order to this effectively, it is a requirement that they establish your current employment status and evidence of ability to the fund the course. This is to ensure that our students are aware of the financial implications so they do not find themselves in difficult financial circumstances once they have agreed to do the course. We apologise if this was not the impression you received. We take all complaints very seriously and we have addressed the issues you have raised directly with the Course Advisor you spoke to. If you would like to contact us to discuss this particular case further, please do so on student.services@homelearningcollege.com or on 020 8080 6490.
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