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Excellent Teachers

I had a difficult moment in my job and was off for 3 month with stress. I decided to change my career and signed for AAT Level 2- Level 3 combined course. The sales person was very helpful and explained in detail. I was not sure about my English, however he said that my English good enough to do this course. They give me to complete these two levels during the 3 years due to my personal circumstances. I completed level 2 during the one-year and only 3 exams left to complete level 3. I received my books for both Levels during the 2 weeks. I am enjoying my studies. I have an excellent tutor who always replies to my query during the 24 hour and gives me detailed explanation. This is big help and I much appreciated.
However, there were and continues very frustrated moments. I had a big problem with exam departments. I never received reply to my query during the 72 hours. Due to book your exam advance, or need to book after you finish your subject I lost lots of time and could not start another subject when I did Level 2. To take exam on September you need to book exam June time. This is absolutely not useful system. Student should book exam when ready and not to worry about missing deadlines to book advance. The Exam department allocated me to exam centre to sit an exam very far from my location, which was not helpful. I travelled 1 hour to get to exam centre and I took half day off from my work. I used my own time, as I paid this course by myself, not by my employer. Before I start my Level 3, exam department notified me about re-changing exam centre. This was not helpful at all, as destination was twice longer than first exam centre and I have to take whole day off. I contacted them and said it is not good for me and I would like to sit exams in previous centre. They told me that Home Learning College terminated Contract with previous exam centre and they can’t allocate students from HLC. It really upset me. Suggestion was to contact exam centre and book my exams as external student by myself. It was extra frustration, but I did it and exam booking problems resolved permanently. It was big relief for me that I never had any contact with Home learning College exam department since.
Other thing is lot of typing and subject mistakes in the books. How it could happen? Accountancy course is teaching students to have attention for details, but the books doing a lot of mistakes. Who can explain this: Author, typist or anybody else?
I can suggest Home Learning College to my friends if only Exam departments system and books will improve. The teachers are excellent.
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    Reply from Home Learning College

    Thank you for your feedback. We are delighted to hear that you have had an excellent experience with the tutors. However, we are concerned to hear of your disappointment with the service you received when booking your exams.

    It looks as though the issues you experienced were around the time we were making some significant improvements in this area. In 2011/2012 we required students to give 12 weeks' notice in order to book examinations due to the scale of students – over 1000 per month - and the complexity of booking across the UK using a manual process. Over the year we have been working very hard to streamline our processes and in 2013 released new technology which allowed to reduce the time required by half. This means that students now only need to notify us by the 20th of each month to sit an exam for the following month.

    We are pleased to be able to say that we have also undertaken a review of our test centres which resulted in the removal of centres who were unable to effectively deliver the services required by us and our students. During this time, if a student had previously taken examinations with a test centre and didn't want to use an alternative, the option was given to them to book exams directly and we reimburse them. We continually recruit new centres each month and now also have a wider coverage across the UK. We have also updated all the materials for our AAT courses.

    We are sorry to learn that while these processes were undertaken, the services you experienced were not of an acceptable level and we fully appreciate your comments. We understand that Student Services have been in touch and that these issues have now been fully addressed and an agreeable resolution reached.

    Once again, we are glad to hear that you had such a good experience in terms of tutors and that you have enjoyed the course. We wish you the very best of luck in your upcoming exams.
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