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Dealships, Bad customer service, inaffective against their own dodgy dealerships

Avoid this dishonest garage, I have proof that they have been dishonest.

Please do not bother going to Honda dealerships they will lie to get your business. Once they take your money they do not refund your money back when there is a problem even though i am legally entitled to under this specific act
"Section 57 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 states that withdrawing from a prospective regulated financial agreement operates as if a cancellation has taken place.
If a cancellation of the finance agreement has taken place, this means that any linked transaction, such as the purchase of the goods themselves is also cancelled. In these circumstances, any money paid, such as the payment of a deposit, should be refunded.

They have ignored my letter of action to court therefore i will be taking them to the small claims court very soon.

Honda customer service are very ineffective in dealing with their own dealerships which i think is wrong as the dealerships are representing the brand.

Hence I will never buy Honda and I will make sure my family and friends avoid Honda until they start looking out for the customer and start doing what is best for them and not looking to line their pockets with money by withholding deposits which in my case they are not legally allowed to.

(Specific to Crown Honda Hendon dealership avoid them please)

So after having to start court proceedings they coughed up all my money, interest incurred and legal fees, if that is not admission of guilt i don't know what is! I am still waiting for an apology which i don't think i will get.
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