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Bad if the hotel decides to cancel your booking, no refund or support from hostelbookers

Very bad experience. Even if you pay the booking the room is not secured. Cancellation with no warning. Hostelbookers doesn't refund money, nor it supports in any means. Very rude hotel.

Did my booking through hostelbookers for Conzeptplus in Germany and paid £20 for the 10% of the total booking.
The hotel sent me an e-mail to fill a form and send back. No further information was attached. Assumed that it was not important and could be done anytime.
On the day of the trip, I fill the form and send it back per e-mail. Within 30 minutes they reply to me that the BOOKING WAS CANCELED.
So the hotel decided to cancel my booking because I didn't send any form. They had not mention in their e-mail that it was going to be canceled if I didn't send it back by a certain date.

I contacted hostelbookers and their 'legal' reply stated that:
"Once your booking is made, the property will contact you to request additional details to secure your booking. Failure to give this information might result in the cancellation of your booking and no refund of the deposit will be given"

Right. So I DID provide the additional information. I sent it to them. But even though it's written nowhere, even though they didn't even tell me that had been cancelled, hostelbookers offers no support to solve it, not is willing to REFUND the deposit.

Be careful with such VIRTUAL BOOKINGS.
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