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superb efficient craftsmen and women

We decided to convert an out building into an annex for our children , 3 teenage boys and we live in a period property. On clearing the building we discovered a swallows nest in the eaves, and my husband recants a tale, where the mother swallow had brought her 3 babies out and rested them one by one on a perch, to the rear of the building, to prepare them for flight.

We hadn t decided on a name for the annex, but we soon evolved to the name Swallows Rest.

We have an eclectic mix of out door features on the estate, carved stone troughs gargoyles sundials, all antique and in keeping .

As the owner of a demolition business and salvage yard, and employing our own stone mason, i was a little apprehensive that the finish and design criteria, wouldn t be to my husbands very high standards, and his obsesssion with attention to detail can be very unforgiving!

How lucky then , was i to have found you guys!
the quality of materials used are first rate!
the interpretation of a verbally given design was exemplary!
the efficiency of information passing and follow through, from what appears to be a very robust team ,was refreshing in this day and age , to say the least, delivered expressly on time at the busiest week of the year, it was a joy to engage yourselves in this task and i very much look forward to dealing with yourselves again as we tackle the restoration of the rest of the house and grounds .

The plaque received such high accolades from my very fastidious husband, it has remained indoors at present, and hasn't quite made it to its allocated spot, and all our visitors have stroked it , held it, commented on how perfect it is, and all that from i think 3 lovely chats and an e mail.

lovely to know that crafts and skills and talent remain in your corner of the world!
many thanks to all concerned ! I would and will recommend you very highly!

yours faithfully
joanne smith
Seeking Salvage -History Channel
Ribble Reclamation Ltd
Bradley Demolition Ltd
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