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Only for their own people

Can I just start by saying I bank with Barclays, always have and I have never ever faulted them with anything, their actually amazing compared to HSBC.

So I've been looking into loans as I'm wanting to have surgery, and i found online that HSBC do the best deal with their interest rates, however Barclays will match ANY other quote and then give you £50. Great! I was told by my Barclays advisor in personal banking that all I need to do is pop into HSBC and get them to print out the online quote for me, bring it back then it's mine. Well.. It wasn't that easy.
After searching for a branch in the pouring rain in busy Manchester city centre I finally find a branch, I was relieved after being soaked. I walked in expecting to see friendly faces like in Barclays but oh no. There was no one stood around to help! I had no idea where to go when finally I caught eye contact with an elderly advisor across the room, she looked grumpy to say the least. I asked her if there was someone I could speak to and all I literally got back was 'no'. What!!!! How rude!! When I asked why I got told in a snotty voice 'there's no one free to see you at all today, make an appointment next time' I couldn't believe it!! I told her all I needed was someone to print out the online quote for me, something she could of done herself! And still I got a no. I couldn't believe how rude she was and I has to cancel my appointment to go back to see Barclays. Infanct you don't NEED an appointment to see someone in Barclays that's what's so shocking about HSBC!!!! So I went outside and googled for another near branch and thought I'd ring first to make sure, only to find they straight away ask for your HSBC card number to be entered...what the hell!?!? Then when I did nothing it didn't even put me through to the branch it put me through to Scotland!! And he wanted to set up a current account with me before i speak to someone which I refuse to do, why should I? I told the man (nearly on the verge of going crazy) that all I need is a quote, and after all my efforts he turned around and said 'no sorry, we won't quote you without having a current account'
I was angry.

Sad thing is if I went in, sat down and spoke to someone nice who told me this in the first place, I may have actually switched to HSBC current account to get the loan!!!
So glad i didn't, especially after reading these reviews.

All I can say is go to Barclays. They look after you and are smiley and you can go in and speak to someone in personal banking anytime!
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