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What you see is not what you get!! Avoid at all cost unless you like being disappointed!

UPDATE: Just a quick update to say still not heard anything from these guys despite my complaints!!! Would be interested to know if they have got back to any of you guys after your review???

My original review:

When you buy a bunch of flowers as a surprise you are not meant to be the one surprised. Especially when you spend almost a hundred pounds!!! For this price you expect something spectacular!!

After searching a number of websites I was very impressed by a number of the pictures of flowers in Iflorist so called "designer" range!!

I ordered a bunch of flowers and supersized it!! (Incidentally I hate websites which don’t tell you the size of the bunch of flowers in their pics...Iflorist is one of these websites which already gives you a idea of the type of website it is)

I ordered the bunch of flowers called "adoration"


In the picture this is a funky bunch of flowers which looks quite different with a very interesting arrangement of grass!

I placed my order and was looking forward to the response!!

Imagine my disgust when what was delivered was nothing like the picture!!

What was delivered was a very standard bunch of slightly old flowers. ALL the flowers were different to the one in the picture. With no "design"!!

Simple mistake I thought the wrong bunch of flowers had been delivered!!! I contacted them immediately pointing out the mistake expecting them to be changed. Simple request I thought!

2 weeks later and I am still getting no where!!

According to them I ordered a bunch of flowers and what they delivered was a bunch of flowers! It didn’t matter to them that the bunch I received had no resemblance to the bunch of flowers I had ordered!!

After repeatingly telling them you can’t put up a picture of something resembling a rolls royce and then send out a half dead bunch of flowers resembling a 20 year old ford focus and then say well they are the same colour so what’s your problem.

Order from this website if you like wasting your money and the look of disappointment on your loved ones face!!

You may as well go to a supermarket and get flowers from them and save yourself £100 the end result wouldnt be much different!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Although I suspect the supermarket flowers would last longer!!! Half of the bunch I ordered had died within 3 days!!!!
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