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Liars coupled with poor service.

I placed an order for flowers to be sent to Perth WA on the 16th December for delivery on the 21st December for my parents who I haven't seen for 10 years.

The flowers were not delivered.

22nd December used the "Live Chat" on the website and told the order was delayed but would be delivered on the 23rd, how he could know this as it was 10:48pm in Perth on Saturday night so I doubt if he could have spoken with them. No Surprise it didn't turn up.

23 rd December contacted "Live Chat" again to be told exactly the same thing again as if they were copy and pasting from a script. Definitely be there on the 24th and would put the order in his "follow up Folder" for the next day to make sure it got there. Again as it was 8:30pm on Sunday in Perth who did he contact? Guess what no delivery, asked for Name of Florist in Perth so parents can contact them direct. However he couldn’t give that information due to their Privacy Policy! Some privacy when the florist is bound to turn-up in a sign written van and their name and telephone no on the card that should come with the flowers, or will they be sent in a blacked out taxi with the driver in a Ninja outfit!

Used "live Chat" again today, 24th December, to find out why no delivery again most suppressed the Lady at the other end was quick to point out it was 5pm in Perth so would not be able to contact the florist due to different Time Zone. I don’t see why as the first 2 men could do it a lot latter and guarantee delivery would occur the following day, Unless they were Liars or reading from a Script.

So long story short Do Not risk using them.

POST ADD - Since Iflorists' offer of a replacement bouquet to replace the ones I ordered but weren't delivered, Still no flowers have turned up in Perth!
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    Reply from iflorist

    Dear David

    Thank you for your feedback. Please accept our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience this must have caused, we welcome all feedback including bad feedback so that we can improve our services for the future. We certainly do not wish to lose you as a valued customer so we would like to issue you with a full refund for this order and arrange for a complimentary bouquet to be sent to a recipient of your choice. We understand how disappointing it can be when your expectations are not met so we hope this is satisfactory. I will e-mail you personally now regarding this matter.

    Kind Regards

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