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I placed two orders in November (Orders Nod:240635 and 240642) - to two seperate recipients - with a requested delivery date of 21st December and received confirmation from the Company to this effect.

Much to my surprise on 14th December I received two emails confirming that both orders had been delivered!!

I had a specific reason for choosing the 21st Dec as I was leaving the Country on 16th and wanted the gifts to arrive as a surprise after I had left. In addition I knew that both recipients would be available to take delivery on my chosen date - as it was one parcel was left with a neighbour and the other was left with the 15yr old son of the house - illegal where alcohol is concerned!!

When I tried ringing the Company to register my complaint - after the initial answering machine - the phone was just left ringing however many times I tried or whichever option I chose.

I then got involved in 'live chat' - big mistake!! The person I was talking to confirmed that I was correct and that goods had been delivered on the wrong day - yes thankyou!! - and that I would have to ring Customer Services the next day. In view of my previous experience I said that I expected them to ring me and was promised a call back by midday the next day. Needless to say this did not happen!!

So once again I ventured into iflorist telephone world and - surprise surprise - nobody answered any one of my numerous diallings!!

Foolishly I ventured into 'live chat' yet again - went through my complaint and was again told that 'yes the goods were delivered on the wrong date' and to put this right it could be arranged for the courior to retrieve both parcels and redeliver the next week on the correct day - A LUDICROUS SUGGESTION BY ANYBODY'S STANDARD!!!!

I pointed out to the Company Representative that the Company and myself had entered into a contract which the Company had not fulfilled to my satisfaction and therefore I expected a refund of all monies paid as is the case in any broken contract. LONG SILENCE!! After about 10 mins - and me asking more than once ' is anybody there?' - I was informed that they had consulted with their supervisor who had said that they could not do refund then and there as matter had to be investigated. WHAT'S TO INVESTIGATE - DELIVERY WAS MADE ON 14TH DEC AND NOT 21ST DEC AS AGREED - A FACT THAT THEY THEMSELVES HAD ALREADY CONFIRMED!! (By now I am losing the will to live!!).

Another long silence and then - 'Thankyou for your query have a nice day'!!

I then received email informing me that 'this is to confirm your ticket has been registered with Customer Services'. Since then I have heard nothing and still nobody is answering their phones.

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    Reply from iflorist

    Dear MO

    First of all please accept our sincere apologies for the issue with your delivery. We welcome your feedback as this is an issue we don't tolerate at Iflorist. I have just thoroughly investigated in to your orders and due to receiving a long haul weather forecast for bad weather, we got all deliveries out early so no-one was left disappointed over this festive period. We certainly do not wish to lose you as a valued customer so we would like to offer you a complimentary bouquet to be sent to a recipient of your choice. We hope this is satisfactory and I will e-mail you personally now regarding this matter.

    Kind Regards

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