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Poor!! Poor!! Poor!!

I am so very frustrated by the so-called service from iFlorist - I've used them in the past but this time will be my last time. I have sent seven emails, tried to initiate Live Chat multiple times (It should be called dead chat since no-one EVER responds even though the site states that it is 'available') and have been given a 'ticket number' from their so-called support website (it's a useless number - never any response). I had flowers and chocolates sent to elderly friends before Christmas - the card, which contained a particularly meaningful message to the recipients, was omitted and the flowers were sub-standard. Don't know how the chocs. were. The people I sent to were confused by the delivery and it was embarassing to have to contact their daughter to check on the delivery, and then be told about the lack of the message card and the low quality. I am now planning to with-hold my credit card payment to iFlorist. These recipients are in their golden years and the whole joy of sending a personal message with some lovely flowers (as described on the website - hah!!) was ruined. (Also, the iFlorist receipt locked a dollar amount for my order but the actual credit card charge was more.............. I understand that exchange rates fluctuate but their receipt should have a disclaimer to that effect or charge what the receipt lists.) It would be good form if a human being responded personally to me about my concerns............ Not holding my breath!

Emma from iFlorist has now handled things to my satisfaction by responding in a timely manner, after I posted the above review, and my purchase was refunded.
Thank you.
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    Reply from iflorist

    Dear J. Clark

    Please accept our sincere apologies for all the problems you had regarding your order. We do appreciate all feedback we get as this helps us to avoid problems like this happening again in the future. As a means of apology from Iflorist we would like to arrange to send your recipients a complimentary bouquet with your attached card message. We hope this is satisfactory as we do not wish to lose your valued custom. I will e-mail you now personally regarding this matter.

    Kind Regards

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