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About the most appalling experience I have EVER had!

I placed this order for a special bouquet of flowers for my Mother in Law for Mother's Day.

The flowers should have been delivered on either Saturday or Sunday, as specified when choosing the option "Mothers Day weekend". Unfortunately, I discovered on the following Monday, that nothing had been delivered.

I immediately contacted iflorist and spoke to a Customer Services Rep, who could provide no explanation, no satisfactory solution to the problem. The date for delivery had apparently been set for several years previously, and the rep implied that the error must have been caused by user fault with my laptop date being incorrect. I looked into the date issue and it is not possible to choose any date other than in the future.

The rep seemed clueless and so I insisted on speaking to the Customer Services Manager. I was told the manager was not at work, so I asked for someone senior to contact me back within an hour.

5 hours later, I telephoned again - nobody senior available yet again - I was promised that someone would call back that same day,

An hour later, calls were being directed to an answermachine message and no online chat facility was available either.

I am beyond exasperated with iflorist. I have been completely ignored, accused of lying, error making, disbelieved, lied to, fobbed off and iflorist have totally failed to adhere to their contract, accept any responsibility for the blunder and have made no attempt to apologise. I have only today received a full refund - weeks after the company failed to deliver the flowers.

Needless to say, I shall not be using your company again and will be ensuring family and friends are aware of my experience.
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