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I have never been more appalled by the service of a company.

Their website states, they are "committed to providing the highest level of service simply because the customers deserve the very best"
However I have most certainly seen no evidence of this. Instead I see a company who appears to deem special occasions as trivial, unimportant dates, that they can either choose to oblige their commitment, at a date that suits them.. if at all.

THREE times now, my flowers have either been delivered on the wrong date or not at all.

if you want you flowers delivered... DO NOT USE THIS FLORIST.

It has taken 26 days to receive an automated reply, with still no answer as to why my flowers were not delivered.

After calling the helpline, 6 times, I have still not been allowed to speak to the Manager <private data removed>, as he "must have felt it was not his responsibility to call the customer." Instead I was given the rather cheerful, robotic reply, that, instead she could offer me a delivery... "on any day of my desire" failing to spot, this was not compensation... as I had already specified my desired date... Mothers Day.

They should really change your 100% satisfaction guarantee on the website.

"We value feedback as highly as we value anything else at iflorist. We like to know that our customers are completely satisfied, and take any less than glowing feedback really seriously."

How this can be the case, when I have still no word as to why my flowers were not delivered, is a mystery.

How this can also be the case when it has taken me 26 days to hear any thing from your company without my contact is also a mystery.

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