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Great furniture just check assembly!

We have several items of indigo bedroom furniture which is solid and hard wearing. However several years later when we are now moving and i now need to dismantle my bed i am alarmed to see how shoddy the bed has been assembled. The screws used have a star shaped head which means i need to purchase a special screwdriver to dismantle and have been put in by drill or lectric screwdriver which means hey are so difficult to removed. I am dreading taking the frame apart! My advice great furniture but disappointed with assembly amd shoddy materials used.
July 2013 i have now dismantled my bed and moved. Dismantling the bed was very easy and the frame very well made. The customer service i received was excellent and the company was genuinely bothered that i was having difficulty with my furniture and even offer to come up and dismantle it for me. So refreshing to find a company still interested in their customer after they have paid for their items. Well done indigo great company ethos!
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    Reply from Indigo Furniture LTD

    Dear Lisa,
    I'm sorry to hear of you recent experience.
    If I could take a moment to explain a little more about how your bed was made and I hope it will help you to understand why it has been constructed the way it has.
    Indigo beds are created using traditional Mortice & Tenon joints which are held in place with a custom forged steel bracket. The star shaped screw you mentioned is called a Torx screw - a superior screw design which helps to ensure that the screwdriver does not slip or 'cam-out' and damage the screw or the furniture. - this screw is utilised for strength pulling the joints together. You may have also noticed a more recognisable screw - a conventional Pozi head screw ( the top will look like this +) - this is the screw which is used for customer removal and will fit a conventional screwdriver. The Torx screw can in-fact remain in the bed and you can just release the Pozi head to dismantle - you should be able to unscrew these with ease with a normal household screwdriver - if you do not have one to hand I'd be happy to send one over for you?

    This is a time-honoured construction technique which has given Indigo it's reputation for sturdy beds whose joints will not come loose. We understand such a solid construction can make it difficult for our beds to be taken apart and as you mentioned the screws 'difficult to remove.'

    Here at Indigo customer satisfaction is at the top of our agenda - I am saddened to hear you are dreading the next step of taking the frame apart and I would be more than happy to arrange to have one of our installation engineers to visit your property to help. I will be calling the number on file for your account shortly to discuss this with you.

    Kind Regards,
    Miles Gregory, Designer and Owner Indigo Furniture.
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