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Same old story, order from Novermber delivery date postphoned every week.
I finally received a call from Sonia Harris, explaining that the colour I ordered (purple) was not available, but if I would like to change it to either red, black or lime I should have it sooner.
I agreed, all i want now is a beanbag no matter the colour...
Just realised the new delivery date in my account is stating week commencing 24 April...END OF APRIL....
That's it, I have been patient enough, but now it is taking customer for idiots... I want ALL my money back, and will investigate who can be contacted, BBC watchdog is not enough.
No need to relocate my review into Groupon, they have been really helpful and their only mistake has been to deal with Infurn!!!!
Anybody knows a company doing beanbag please message me!!!
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