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If you like being cheated and lied to, use Infurn!

Hi everyone!
The subject say what I mean.
I urge everyone to steer away Infurn and never buy anything from them, or at least consider it.

I ordered the first few items in June 2011 that after much difficulty, did not come until April / May 2012.
Because of the delays, I received a gift certificate as compensation, and thought in the middle of November 2012 that I would use that gift certificate, although I found that the goods would arrive late. Got delivery eventually given to the end of March 2013.

Now we come to the end of March and no items have appeared, and the tracking link does not work, even if Infurn says that everything is in perfect order and the goods is on the way, at least 1 of 2 items.

Ordered phone appointment via the website and got a call. Then I soon realized that history repeats itself exactly with the same excuses I got served with the first order in 2011.

Infurn unfortunately do not have any interest in and to resolve their logistical problems and you may begin to wonder if Infurn having financial problems. The reason for this suspicion is that Infurn claim the goods are on the way to stock or customers, but the carrier will not carry this until they have been paid for the transportation.
Infurn has to raise these money from them who buy new products, and then you have the eternal turnaround with poor liquidity and all the problems this makes.

SO again, If you like being cheated and lied to, use Infurn. If not, Stay Away!!!!!

Additional info added: 26. june 2013
In the end, I got all my ordered things, but I called them every week and every time they had one excuse for not deliver in time...
So please, avoid to use INFURN in the future.

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    Reply from

    Hello Mr Rune Jonny Kjær,

    Thank you for your comments on Trustpilot.

    In response to your comments, would like to say the following:-

    Whilst we admit your first order was late, please note we did offer compensation for this, which you accepted.

    With regard to your second order, it was placed in November 2012, the standard delivery time is 10 - 18 weeks, March 2013 delivery is within the agreed time frame and at the very least, your items will be slightly delayed only. Despite the tracking code not working, we can categorically state that the first item has been sent to you, and the second item is already released for shipment to you.

    Although we are not perfect, we strongly disagree with your last comments which are pure speculation and we fail to see where there was any intention to deceive you.

    You have received compensation for the delay on first order, for the second order, the goods are on the way, (slight delay only), and you ordered a callback, which we answered.

    We also had 2 conversations with you yesterday with regard to your order and offered to assist with the customs issue and sent you email confirmation of this.

    We will continue to assist where possible until your goods have arrive.

    Kind Regards
    Valerie - Customer Services Adviser.

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