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Is Infurn a scam or will they deliver? Live update on purchase

I have decided to publish a log on my Infurn order.
I think every potential customer should know what they can face, what weard terms this company will meet you with and what service they really provide at the end.

As I am unsatisfied till the momens Infurn delivers the product that I ordered I will give them one star. If they ever manage to deliver what I expect, I will correct this imediately.
If they fail, I will publish how everyone can get their prepayment (on a credit card) back.

For readers with a specially developed sense for patience, here is the log:

Ordering Time: 10 January 2013
Expected Delivery: Week of 20 May 2013
My comment: Hmm, what Infurn says here is that it will take them 18
weeks/4.5 months! to deliver what they sell on the internet.
But OK, even poor performance it is still in accordance with
their delivery terms.

Update 20 May 2013: "We would like to inform you that your order will unfortunately
be delayed by a maximum of 8 weeks. Our quality control
team has not accepted the order from the factory and
already ordered that a new one be produced for you at our
expense. We at Infurn would rather carry this extra cost so
that you receive only the best quality product."
My comment: Isn't it strange the same seems to happen on EVERY
But again, if you deal with Infurn, this is their terms....

I will be back in 8 weeks - around 20 July

Update 28 May 2013:
Thanks for the reply. I will follow up on your promises.
By the way, based on 1000+ negative reviews, have you never considered changing your terms and conditions? They are obviously not in line with your customers' expectations?

Update 9 July 2013:
Only two weeks till delivery. Can't wait to see what they will send. IF they send anything....
A minor detail. The company offers 10 % bonus for the regular 8 weeks delay that seems to happen on all orders. But they only apply 4 % to my account? If they cannot calculate how can I trust they will ever be able to ship my order to the right place?
Stay tuned - next update to follow as soon as I have any news

Update 16 July 2013:
Still haven't heard a word. Today 10 % bonus was added to my bonus account, "Bonus because of delivery delay". Curious to see what delay that refers to; delivery day still says next week.

By the way: Isn't it wierd that it takes 18 weeks to produce an item. And exactly after 18 weeks they need to renew the order (there is always something wrong with the quality). The new order takes only 8 weeks. Whatever they do in the second ordering, they should have done in the first place. Then I would have had my item beginning of March - and you wouldn't have read this.

Next update next week when infurn promises delivery....

Update 22 July 2013:
Very interesting developement: My order status at infurn has now changed. They have added a link to DHL. However, the number does not refer to any tracking number or shipment with DHL, so it has not yet been possible for me to track the shipping.

Update 23 July 2013:
Still nothing to track on DHL's site. Wonder if this is fraud. I have sent an email to Infurn to check.
DHL responded quickly (much quicker than Infurn). Called and emailed. Nothing there(!)
More to follow...

Update 26 July 2013:
23 July Infurn answered by phone call ([name], Danish speaking, called from +45 89 88 11 36 at 18:02). Apparently the DHL link was a mistake since the item was handed over to a transporting company called BCC (which I can find nowhere). Following to the conversation [name] emailed me a so called EAN number that should enable tracking the shipment.
If I understand it correctly, an EAN number is a European Article Number; not a very useful identification of any shipment. Waiting for [name] reply to this.

Update 29 July
Yesterday, [name] from Infurn sent me a reply. BCC is a transporting company that cooperates with UPS and Schenker.
Furthermore my account is now updated with a message from a transport company(?) "albaranes" telling me that my item "has been received in our warehouse and its shipping documents are now being registered. For detailed information on its shipping, please visit this site again 24 hours later."
"albaranes" uses exactly the same 24-digit order number for the transport as the first (by mistake) link to DHL, that did not exist.
- more to follow....

Update 30 July 2013:
Neither UPS nor Schenker know the company BCC and none of them can decode the tracking ID I received from Infurn - and also used by "albaranes", which is also a totally unknown place to both UPS and Schenker.
By the way, Schenker, UPS and the transportation companies they work with have weekly delivery from anywhere in Spain to Denmark. So they questioned why Infurn asked me to wait three weeks for the goods to arrive....

Update 31 July 2013
Today Infurn confirms the item was shipped 24 July but they cannot find any documentation...
Wondering what the several different confirmations, tracking IDs etc from 23 July and onwards then could be... Anticipated shipping? A total mess? Or fraud?

Update 2 August
Still same link on my order.
My comment: IF anything had been shipped 23 or 24 July from Spain it would soon be here. But then the tracking ID link would be updated and not just stating "please come back after 24 hours".

At 17:35 [name] from Infurn called asking if I had received my item. We agreed she should find a tracking number and ask their Logistics Department to confirm by whom the item was picked up in Spain. Following to the phone call [name] confirmed this on an email together with exactly the same 24-digit order number for the transport as the first (by mistake) link to DHL from 23 July, that never took place since the item according to Infurn was shipped on 24 July.

I understood from our conversation that the transporting could be carried out by either BCC (that no one has heard about), DHL (that do handle an item from Infurn now and then, but never has heard of BCC), UPS or now also Fedex.

My comment: IF any shipping ever has taken place it should be possible for Infurn to be more specific about who is doing what - facts seem to me to change too often in this case.... Who would believe a supplier that cannot tell where your deliveries are?
I am awaiting a reply from Infurn Logistics Department...

Update 5 August 2013:
The tracking ID is not valid at UPS, FedEx, DHL, Schenker or whatever company Infurn claim to use for shipping.

I have emailed Infurn and asked for a valid number and/or a copy of a waybill or contact person with whatsoever company they think they use. I have asked for this by tomorrow at 16:00.

My comment: I am courious to see if Infurn can deliver any sign that anything has been shipped at all. If they do not do so by 16:00 tomorrow they have convinced me that my transaction with them was fraud.

Update 6 August 2013:
Infurn confirms on email that it is not possible to track the shipment.

My comment: Only if Infurn has made a shipment....

I asked them again to check with their Logistics Department. If THEY cannot find anything, the only explanation is that nothing was shipped.

An internet purchase without any shipping - that is fraud!
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    Reply from

    Hello Ulrik,

    Thank you for your review, and although we regret that your order planned delivery date has exceeded the standard delivery time due to quality control, as you yourself have pointed out, it is shown in our Terms and Conditions which you agreed to when placing the order.

    There is no scam involved, you will receive your item and it is indeed due to the strict checks and quality control process that we are able to offer Customers up to a 5 year warranty on replicas and a 2 year warranty on Infurn Home products - also shown in the Terms and Conditions.

    You may wait a little longer but goods are hand finished, we offer a wide variety of materials, colour options and sizes in our products - all at premium prices.

    Therefore, we thank you for your patience and trust that once you receive your product, a few more stars will be warranted.

    Kind Regards
    Valerie - Customer Services Adviser.

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