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Smells like fraud

I ordered three pieces of furniter in mid February 2013 with an expected delivery date in June. When I looked at the status of my order, the items were pushed back to three different months: One item in the end of July, one in August, one in September. That smells like fraud ... they have my money and now they run!

No reactions from customer service. No telephone number to call.
I've now forwarded this case to my credit card company for dispute and will get my UK lawyer to deal with it.
Stephen Frank Mortensen, Arnaud Decroo and found this review useful
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    Hello Iris,

    Thank you for your time today to discuss your order and the review which you have posted on Trustpilot, although we must strongly object to your allegations of fraud.

    You seem to have already formed your negative opinion, and this is not based on your own experience.

    In your own case, I have checked your order details and your order is at present at week 17, and still within the standard delivery time frame.

    It is true that the order will be slightly delayed but even here, there has been no contravention of the Terms and Conditions, which you agreed to when you placed the order. Please check Delivery section on the website for delays.

    We also offer compensation for the wait, and you would be entitled to bonus credit on your account for the delay after week 18.

    There is nothing to show that delivery will not be made, and nothing to say that a refund is not possible if that is what you decide upon, again in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

    The decision to cancel is up to you. If you waited for July, your goods will arrive.

    We also object to your claiming you had no reaction from Customer service, the German service team have been in contact with you and answered your email. There is also a callback system shown on the website, and you have my contact details.

    You are at liberty to forward your case for a chargeback but this will be disputed if it is not within the Terms and Conditions and the EU law, but there is no reason to do this. There will be no objection to your refund application, as discussed, providing application is made in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of which we have informed you of today.

    Kind Regards
    Valerie - Customer Services Adviser.
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