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Miserabler Kundendienst!!

Nachdem ich mein erste Bewertung hier auf trustpilot veröffentlicht habe, hat sich endlich jemand vom Kundenservice bei mir gemeldet und meine Stornierung angenommen (mit einer fadenscheinige Begründungen für die Verspätung). Zuvor hatte ich bereits dutzende mails verschickt, auf die nie geantwortet wurden.

Wie in den anderen Fällen wurde mir mein Geld innerhalb von 30 Tage zurückversprochen, also spätestens zum 05.09.2013. Die Bewertung zeigen leider das diese Frist oft nicht eingehalten wird.

I'll keep you updated!
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    Hello Franz,

    Thank you for your comments but I think you have over-reacted.

    You placed the order last Saturday 20th July and I wonder that we could have done so much wrong to you in so short a time!!

    After placing the order, and for reasons of your own, you decided to cancel and sent 2 emails on that same day. You subsequently sent several emails to the CEO complaining at a lack of response.

    There is not a full complement of staff working at weekends, we do aim to respond within 48 hours, but we do request a little patience, especially at weekends.

    I could have responded to your first review earlier but you omitted to add your order number and with a first name only, your order was difficult to trace as there are numerous other Customers called Franz.

    Nevertheless, the Customer service Team have since responded and cancelled the order and confirmed in writing that your refund will be processed within 30 working days as per the Terms and conditions.

    We do not think we deserve such a bad review.

    Kind regards
    Valerie - Customer Services Adviser.
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